Handcrafted Skin Moisturizer
Handcrafted Skin Moisturizer

Handcrafted Skin Moisturizer

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About the Product

Best natural body moisturizer that replaces lotion. It is non-comadogenic, non-oily, all day everyday hydration.  It is a

  • helps with eczema,
  • helps with psoriasis,
  • helps relieve skin fungus,
  • stimulates collagen,
  • improves scarring, smooths wrinkles,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • natural sun screen (SPF of 30),
  • and it has 92 of 102 minerals in our body.

One 8 oz. jar is at least a 2-month supply for the average person.  After your bath or shower, while your skin is still wet, apply a small amount and rub it over your body.  It stays on all day and does not wash off when you wash dishes and your hands.

QUALITY GUARANTEED – Free from parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, propylene glycol, alcohol, sulfates, and gluten. Cruelty free.

ALL DAY EVERYDAY HYDRATION – Expert developed formula promotes skin elasticity, calms inflammation, lightens old scars, moisturizes for everyday protection and nourishment.

Feed your skin – sea moss, cacao, neem oil, castor oil, unrefined coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and a variety of essential oils.